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Frosty Lemonade - Candy Of The Month Of August


Ice cold lemonade takes the crown for the most refreshing beverage on a hot, summer’s day. The only thing that can beat it is a frosted version, so cold your brain hurts. Intensely sour and lemon, we were inspired by cool Limoncello and the Italian Riveria in the baking heat of Summer. Put on your sunglasses because what’s more glamourous than feeling refreshed and cool when the heat turns up?*

For the month of August, a portion of Frosty Lemonade profits was donated to Doctors Without Borders. This world leading independent international medical relief organization works to implement and manage medical projects in close to 70 countries worldwide.

*Please note that the texture of our gummies will vary depending on the ingredients. Our gelatin-free gummies tend to be firmer in texture while those containing gelatin are much softer. Each gummy is unique and delicious in its own way!

Frosty Lemonade - Candy Of The Month Of August